Domain Management Policy

Last Updated: 02/10/2021

The use of services from Website Ministries LLC [hereafter also referred to as “Website Ministries”] constitutes agreement to the Domain Management Policy. This policy may change at any time, without notice to you, so please check back often for updates to the Domain Management Policy. If at any point you feel you cannot accept this policy, please contact to cancel your account.

An Overview:
You basically can do what you wish with the domain name(s), including choosing to have someone else manage the domain name(s), but you must allows Website Ministries the permissions needed to manage them as it sees fit. Hence this agreement allows Website Ministries full access and control of the domain name(s), including the power to cancel domain name(s), but gives you the power to revoke or transfer that right to someone else of your choosing without any interference or resistance from Website Ministries. This is an important issue since there have been instances in the past with designers “hijacking” or “holding hostage” domain names from their clients. This document contractually gives you permission to move the domain name(s) away from Website Ministries while still allowing Website Ministries full control over them and thereby eliminates the issue of “hijacking” or “holding hostage” the domain name(s). This document also transfers all liability associated with the domain name to you. Although Website Ministries manages the domain name(s), you are liable for any issues involving the domain name(s). This includes trademark and copyright issues, legal issues resulting from your use of the domain name, and any other type of liability or responsibility concerning the domain name(s) and website. YOU are responsible for the domain name(s) and website(s), Website Ministries is merely managing them for you at your request and with your full authority and written permission.

Domain Names:
You agree that Website Ministries will manage the domain name(s). By agreeing to this document you are giving written permission for Website Ministries to register, renew, transfer and administer the domain name(s).

You also agree and understand that Website Ministries is not a domain registrar and uses other domain registrars to actually register the domain names and does not control the limitations and rules imposed by these 3rd party registrars. Your domain name(s) and the use of the domain name(s) must comply with the 3rd party registrars’ policies. Currently Website Ministries uses, a reseller for Wild West Domains, but may at its’ choice choose to use a different registrar at any time.

You also agree that you are solely responsible for the domain name(s) and the content associated with the domain name(s). Website Ministries will not be responsible or liable for any trademark or copyright violations or proceedings due to your choice of domain name(s) or the content you associate with the domain name(s). YOU are responsible for the domain name(s) and website(s), Website Ministries is merely managing them for you at your request.

You specifically give Website Ministries permission to:
A. Register the domain name(s) using Website Ministries LLC information
B. Make changes to the choice of domain registrar, change registration information, and manage the domain name(s) as Website Ministries sees fit.
C. Cancel or choose not to renew the domain name(s) if you no longer use the services of Website Ministries or have not paid your bill in full.

Choosing someone else to manage the domain name(s).
You may choose, at any time and for any reason, to have someone else manage the domain names(s) (e.g. transfer the domain name(s) to a different designer’s registrar) and Website Ministries will have no claim to keep the domain name(s) or to stop the move. Website Ministries cannot and will not block, limit, or restrict this move unless the domain name(s) have already been cancelled (in which case you will have to re-register it on your own), you have outstanding balances due to Website Ministries, or there are 3rd party policies or governing body regulations that limit the transfer.

You also agree that if you do choose to have someone else manage the domain name(s), the domain name(s) must be transferred from the registrar account used by Website Ministries. By way of example, currently Website Ministries has an account with If you choose to take over the management of domain name(s) that are located in this account, or choose to have someone else take over the management of the domain name(s) in this account, you must transfer the domain name(s) from the Website Ministries account to an account you control (or the person you will have manage your domain name controls). You, or the person managing the domain name will not be granted access to the Website Ministries account with (Note that this is an example and does not limit Website Ministries to any particular registrar service or account). The only way for you to directly manage the domain name or its associated settings is to transfer it away from the Website Ministries account that contains the domain name(s).

You also agree that you will give Website Ministries enough time to reasonably make the changes necessary to allow the domain name(s) to be transferred. You also understand that the domain name(s) may not be available for immediate transfer due to ICANN policies and Registrar policies beyond the control of Website Ministries. (e.g. there is a mandatory 60 day wait after changing a domain name(s) contact information). Website Ministries is not a Domain Registrar and does not control these locks and limits and you agree that you understand this and will give Website Ministries the time necessary to complete your request.

You also agree that Website Ministries is under no obligation to help you move, edit, or register the domain name(s) with someone else. Website Ministries will make the necessary changes to the domain name(s), and will do what is necessary to release the domain name(s), but is not obligated or required to assist in any way the person or persons receiving the domain name(s) or managing the domain name(s).

You also agree that Website Ministries will no longer be managing the domain name(s) and as such will not have any control over what happens with the domain name(s). You will also not receive any refunds for money paid in the past or money for expenses incurred while changing the person who manages the domain name(s).

You also agree that as manager of the domain name(s), Website Ministries can cancel the domain name at any time for any reason. This includes cancelling the domain name, letting the domain name expire, or choosing not to renew it.
Here are some examples of why a domain name might be cancelled :
A. You no longer want the domain name(s) and request they be cancelled.
B. You have not paid your bill to Website Ministries (this is any outstanding balance/bill – e.g. a design fee or hosting fee that has not been paid).
C. Website Ministries has notified you that it will no longer be managing your domain name(s).
These are examples only and do not in any way limit the reasons for which Website Ministries can cancel a domain name, or let it expire.

Hold Harmless and Liability
You also agree to hold harmless Website Ministries and any of its’ agents, members, officers or employees from expense, liability, or responsibility of any kind for any errors that may occurs while managing the domain name(s). This includes any down time, missed emails and any other domain name related errors not mentioned in this document. This applies even if Website Ministries was notified of the possibility, or existence, of the error(s).

You also agree to defend, indemnify, save and hold Website Ministries harmless from any and all demands, liabilities, losses, costs and claims, including reasonable attorney’s fees asserted against Website Ministries, its agents, its customers, officers and employees, that may arise or result from any service provided or performed or agreed to be performed by Website Ministries.

The enforcement of the Domain Management Policy is at the sole discretion of Website Ministries. If at any time we choose not to enforce the full Domain Management Policy, that will not constitute a waiver of rights for future enforcement or remove any of our rights to enforce the Domain Management Policy.

Changes to the Domain Management Policy
Website Ministries reserves the right to revise its policies at any time without notice.

You also agree that this contract may be assigned or sold to a future individual or entity at the sole discretion of Website Ministries LLC. (For example, if Website Ministries LLC is purchased by another company or individual this contract can be passed along and assigned to this new entity without any objection from you or revision to the terms.)

Additional Info
Headings are used to help organize the information, but don’t exclude or specifically include any particular part of this document.

If any part of this document is not able to stand up in a court, the best and closes possible rendering of it that will meet the original purpose of that section will be used in its place. The rest of the document, that does stand up, will survive and be used as written.

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